‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: ‘Hero Worship’ Brings Explosive, Twisted Case, Team Mourning Of Gideon

Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore star on 'Criminal Minds'

Fans of Criminal Minds were stunned last week when the case the team had to work on revolved around an old colleague. The death of Gideon hit some of the team members hard, and in Wednesday night’s episode everybody is working on moving ahead as they tackle a new case. What Criminal Minds spoilers are available for this one?

The Season 10, Episode 14 show is titled “Hero Worship.” TV Guide teases that a hero will emerge from an explosion at a coffee shop in Indianapolis, and he needs the help of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. The BAU team will step in to try to keep the hero and his family safe as they try to capture the person behind the explosion.

The network teases there’s a bizarre twist in this one, and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, Agent Kate Callahan, is seen saying that someone wanted to be a hero. Could it be that the criminal they’re searching for is the man also claiming to be a hero in the explosion?

Viewers will see quite a bit Wednesday night of Agent Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, as he copes with Gideon’s death. One clip via CBS shows Reid working on a chess game, as Rossi tells him that he should give himself a break. Rossi also calls him out for wearing what he had on the day before. It seems that the chess game is one that Reid had been playing with Gideon, or is related to Gideon, and Reid is struggling to bid his former mentor farewell.

TV Guide shares a Criminal Minds spoiler clip showing Reid on the airplane again, working on the chess game. Rossi again is there, asking if Spencer is ever going to finish the game, and adds that it’s tough to play against a ghost. Reid says he thought maybe he could keep part of Gideon alive by keeping the game going.

Obviously, Reid is having a hard time saying goodbye, and Rossi says that Gideon hated unfinished business and he sits down to take over Gideon’s side of the game. Reid is shocked at first, and then he digs in to finish off the game. From the way the scene ends, it seems that this may be the last scene of Wednesday night’s episode, but fans will have to tune in to find out for certain.

Mandy Patinkin left the role of Jason Gideon, under some tense circumstances, in 2007, but the character has clearly still carried some heavy weight for those with the BAU. Fans think it’s interesting how his character was brought back into the thick of things this way and it will be interesting to see how the characters work through the grief of the loss of their mentor and former boss.

Tune in to “Hero Worship” to see just how it all plays out on the Season 10, Episode 14 show of Criminal Minds airing on Wednesday, February 4.

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