Mitt Romney is a Serial Killer? Colbert Super Pac Releases Attack Ad [Video]

Dan Evon

Steven Colbert's Super Pac, which is now being run by Daily Show host Jon Stewart, has just released a new attack ad with a very simple message; Mitt Romney is a serial killer.

The new ad says that Mitt Romney believes that corporations are people. The ad also says that Romney has ripped apart several corporations. Which brings the ad to its logical conclusion. Mitt Romney is a serial killer.

Stewart writes in a press release:

"Mitt Romney claims to be pro-corporations... But would you let him date your daughter's corporation? Americans have been clamoring for a comprehensive study of this crucial issue, so we splurged for the full sixty-second commercial. We think South Carolinians will agree – they deserve a leader who shares their state's values, and perhaps even their state's initials."

Here's the new ad, produced by the "Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC."

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Do you think the new ad will sway voters from supporting Mitt Romney?