Brazilian Man And Boy Sucked Underwater While Trying To Clear Blocked Drainage Hole

Sucked into drain

A Brazilian man and boy were sucked underwater while they tried to clear a blocked drainage hole, and the dramatic moment was all caught on video.

The two were part of a small group of men trying to clear large debris from a road in Brazil. Working in waist-deep water, the group pulled out some large vegetation that had clogged the drain almost entirely after heavy rains.

The boy began jumping on the tangled pile of branches in an effort to force it through the drain when suddenly it broke free, going down into the drain and sucking both him and an older man underwater.

Viewers are not able to see the aftermath of the incident, with the camera cutting out as the rest of the men try to save the pair sucked underwater.

The video of the man and boy in Brazil being sucked into the drainage hole quickly went viral, with different versions of the video getting hundreds of thousands of views.

A gif version of the incident was also submitted to Reddit, where it gained thousands of user votes and generated discussion on the possible fate of the two. Some speculated that they were pulled into the drain, but others noted that the type of sewer likely couldn’t have fit an entire person.

“Unlikely, it’s a shallow pool of water,” one user noted. “Unless one of them completely plugged the culvert’s entrance, it would drain before they drowned.”

Another user pointed out that the pair could have still been in peril.

“They got sucked in because of differential pressure (delta P), and in bad cases their bodies can actually block the drain and keep the water from getting past,” the user noted.

“That’s how a lot of divers get killed, since it creates a suction that is too strong to let them escape, and makes a seal preventing water from getting through.”

The fate for the two men sucked into the drainage hole in Brazil could have been much worse. Earlier this week in Brazil a young girl was eaten by piranhas after her grandmother’s boat capsized.

UPDATE: On Wednesday a second part to the video was added, showing the exciting (and happy) conclusion: