George Clooney Divorce: George, Amal Living Apart, Enjoying Taking ‘Time Off’ From Marriage?

George Clooney divorce rumors have surfaced yet again, this time with claims that he and Amal Alamuddin are living separately. Sources say that the newlyweds are already having serious marital problems and are enjoying some time apart from each other while they work in different in counties. Since George is filming a movie in Los Angeles and Amal is working in London, the two aren’t getting to spend too much time together, which is a “welcomed” change according to a source.

The report comes from Life & Style Magazine and was quickly debunked by Gossip Cop.

“Tabloids couldn’t wait until the Clooneys married to start tearing them down and predicting divorce. There’s nothing in this Life & Style story that hasn’t already been said (wrongly) by other outlets. George and Amal are ‘incredibly happy,’ a source close [to the Clooneys said].”

George Clooney divorce rumors have been floating around for months as it seems that the tabloids are just waiting for this marriage to crumble. Since George seemed to have such a hard time settling down, many feel that his marriage to Amal is just a sham, and their wedded bliss is going to blow apart at any moment. While many people are happy for the Clooneys, others are counting the days until their split, which some believe is inevitable.

Interestingly enough, Amal Alamuddin celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday. E! News praised the human rights lawyer for her “beauty and brains,” but there is no word on what her husband got her as a gift — or if the two have some plans to reconnect in the coming days for a romantic celebration. And then give it about a week before the new divorce rumors surface, sighting some fabricated fight at a popular Clooney hangout. It will never end.

George and Amal may or may not decide to have a family. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amal wants to be a mom, but George is still on the fence. However, one would think that this was something that the two would have worked out before tying the knot. George hasn’t really ever wanted kids, but he never seemed to really want a wife either, so who knows?

And so the world waits to see what happens in the saga that is George Clooney’s life. Will he end up single again? Will he become a father? Only time will tell.

[Photo courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images via Us Weekly]