Nicole Scherzinger Dumps Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton Won’t Settle Down

Nicole Scherzinger and British Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton have reportedly gone their separate ways. This breakup marks the fourth time Nicole and Hamilton have split up. Their long-distance relationship over the last seven years has been rocky, and under considerable strain. Last year, sources thought they were planning to wed, but it never happened.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement from either Nicole Scherzinger or Hamilton, close friends say their relationship is over. Scherzinger, 36, allegedly had a series of arguments with her then-beau over Christmas and New Year about Scherzinger’s desire to marry and have children. Rumors are circulating Hamilton won’t settle down with her, so Scherzinger broke off their relationship.

The couple has split a few times before — once in 2010, again in 2011, and yet again in 2013 when Scherzinger turned down a marriage proposal from Hamilton. It seems they’ve both wanted at least marriage, but at different times.

Lewis recently told E! news that he’s feeling pressure to marry but that the couple was “happy”.

“I’m certainly feeling pressure [about getting married], heat from family members. But Nicole’s massively focused on her work the same as I am. We’re happy just way we are.”

In an interview with Sarah Rainey from the Telegraph, Nicole Scherzinger talked about her current role as Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Cats. This Saturday will be Nicole’s last performance. The morning of the interview, Rainey was notified by an email from Nicole’s agent that Nicole wouldn’t be answering questions about her relationship with Hamilton. When asked about Hamilton, Rainey said Scherzinger only gave “a tight-lipped, say-nothing smile.”

“I try not to regret things, because I feel like as long as you put positive energy towards something – and you put your whole self, your true self, towards it – it’ll lead you to the next place you’re supposed to be. I look at this as a great blessing for me to be able to take on this role … but I have made sacrifices. This is very time consuming. I’ve left LA, left all my friends and my family. It’s sacrificing your time in relationships, with loved ones, and my work…”

Rainey asked Scherzinger where she sees herself in ten years and if her vision includes marriage and kids.

Scherzinger replied, “Oh yeah, I’ll definitely have that by then. I’ll definitely have that. Definitely, that would be nice…”

When People Magazine reached out for comment, a rep for the singer said, “We do not comment on Nicole’s personal life.”

Do you believe the breakup rumors? Do you think Nicole Scherzinger will deny or confirm the relationship soon?

[Image via Huffington Post U.K. courtesy of David M. Benett/Getty]