‘Magic Mike XXL’ Official Movie Teaser Trailer Video Released – YouTube And Twitter Go Wild [Video]

Well, Warner Bros. Pictures sure knows how to shake things up on a Wednesday morning. The Magic Mike XXL – Official Teaser Trailer [HD] has been released on YouTube, and Magic Mike XXL is gaining so many views that YouTube has given the video its standard 301+ views they give to videos going viral at the moment. The Magic Mike XXL video opens with Channing Tatum bringing back his stripper days and harkening back to Ginuwine’s famous “Pony” song and video, with Tatum gyrating all over the place and showing off those abs and Runa-fueled muscles.

Of course, Twitter is going crazy, with tweets about #MagicMikeXXL coming in quickly and furiously. Some are asking if folks are more excited to see the Magic Mike XXL movie or the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, with new scenes being released via the Today show all this week, as reported by the Inquisitr. If the reaction of social media to the new Magic Mike XXL movie trailer is any indication of which movie may be more popular, the Magic Mike XXL movie might win — at least today.

Channing Tatum in the new Magic Mike XXL trailer has plenty of websites buzzing, like MTV. It’s a pretty humorous Magic Mike XXL movie trailer, too, as Channing Tatum sends sparks flying like a construction worker, but ejects the sparks along with the beat. The Magic Mike XXL movie trailer certainly shows off plenty of abs, money flying in the air, and tons of strip club moves — but one wonders if it will have the same heart as the original Magic Mike movie, one wherein Tatum’s character wrestled with wanting to get out of the stripping world, and get away from places that treated him like a piece of meat. As most fans know, Channing was a stripper in real life before he became blessed with a movie career, and yet that stripping career seems to still follow him around intensely. Either way, the tons of tweets pouring into Twitter about the new Magic Mike XXL movie trailer probably don’t mind that one bit.

Some of those tweets are pretty fun, noting how the Magic Mike XXL movie trailer puts their own abs to shame, like the humorous tweet by .

“After the Release of Trailer iNow 100% Regret Skipping the Gym Last Night…Thanks! Lol

As such the new Magic Mike XXL movie trailer will probably lots of guys to get in the gym and start working on their summer six packs — but we all know the most important muscle is a good heart. Yet, Warner Brothers still took claim for making it a wonderful Wednesday nonetheless.

#MagicMikeXXL trailer. You’re welcome.”

[Image via Magic Mike XXL movie trailer]