P. Diddy Wanted For Questioning For Punching Fan Who ‘Cussed Him Out’

P. Diddy doesn’t play. One fan appears to have learned the hard way that “cussing out” Diddy may leave you with a punch to the face. And now, according to TMZ, P. Diddy is wanted for questioning after the fan accused the mogul of battery. The incident took place at a Super Bowl party in Arizona, where P. Diddy was scheduled to appear. The disgruntled fan says that Diddy showed up late, and then proceeded to sit in the VIP section, with little interaction with other fans.

So an upset Steven Donaldson decided to give 45-year old P. Diddy a piece of his mind. A snippet of the violent exchange was captured on video, where viewers hear a disgruntled man, identified as Steven Donaldson, cursing out P. Diddy. The video doesn’t show Diddy actually striking the fan. But according to Donaldson, deadly Diddy balled up his fist and unleashed a mighty blow upon his face.

Now, Steven Donaldson wants the police to deal with the rapper, believing that it was unfair for Diddy to have punched him since Diddy disrespected the fans by showing up late to the party and heading straight to the VIP section. The mad fan is also upset that security threw him out, instead of P. Diddy.

The last time someone disrespected Diddy, they also received a punch to the face. Just ask Drake. The International Business Times reported in December 2014, that Diddy punched Drake in a brawl at the Fontainebleau Hotel’s Liv nightclub in Miami. In that altercation, P. Diddy was said to have punched Drake in the face over a song, and that the blow was so severe that he had to be taken to the hospital. Drake didn’t resurface until four days after the allegedly humiliating encounter.

No word on how Steven Donaldson’s face is healing. Meanwhile, P. Diddy is most likely sipping Ciroc on his $72 million yacht.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]