P. Diddy On Yacht Vacation With Ex Kim Porter: Is Cassie Okay With That?

P. Diddy, aka Sean Combs, spent Christmas on his beautiful $72 million dollar yacht in St. Bart with his children and ex-girlfriend Kim Porter, leading many to wonder if Cassie is okay with Diddy spending this amount of time alone with the mother of his children. Within the last 10 years, there has been an upsurge of couples engaging in activities in a blended family setting, where the exes come along on family vacations and holiday parties. Usually, the ex-wife or ex-girlfriend comes along on the family trips with the ex-husband and his new wife or his new girlfriend, such as in the case of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, and Will’s ex.

But in P. Diddy’s case, the reverse is true. The rap mogul is on the trip with only his children and his former girlfriend. Meanwhile, present girlfriend Cassie is nowhere in sight.

What are the issues? Fans are asking, where is Cassie? And is Cassie okay with all of this?

The photos show that Kim Porter and P. Diddy were very close and comfortable on the trip. In one paparazzi photo, Kim Porter is dressed in a brightly colored bikini with her foot placed affectionately on P. Diddy’s shoulder as he leans in. In another photo, Kim Porter is sitting on the floor with one leg crossed over one knee as Diddy sits facing her.

Is it possible that more has happened on the trip? Think about it this way: As night falls and the children are asleep, what’s going on between P. Diddy and Kim Porter? The breathtaking night views and the still calm would make for a sensual romantic setting. Human nature would suggest that the two would enjoy some “quality” time together. But, who can know for sure — except Kim Porter and P. Diddy.

However, one can only imagine what was going through Cassie’s mind at the time. Though it has been stated that Cassie decided to spend time with her own family this year, it would be almost impossible to believe that she was not seething with jealousy as she thought about her man enjoying a family getaway with his longtime ex. And it would have been painfully disturbing to see the latest photos of Kim Porter and P. Diddy enjoying such touching moments on the trip.

Some say this is how it is done in Hollywood, and that the common folk have no idea what their world is like. And that what works for them wouldn’t work for the average person.

Others say that P. Diddy is so rich that fighting with him or breaking up with him over petty things would be silly, since he is most likely taking really good care of his women financially.

The bottom line: It’s really no one’s business. Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kim Porter, and Cassie can do whatever they please. But it does make for compelling reading, doesn’t it?

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