Jack Dowd Celebrates The 27 Club

Jack Dowd is celebrating the mystery and lives of The 27 Club, the mysterious club of famous artists who have all died at the age of 27. He’s painted a series of 10 portraits which attempt to find the inner power and individuality of 10 of these artists. Accompanying the installation is a loop consisting of songs and tales around which these artists built their reputation and lifestyle.

When asked how he wants this exhibition to be viewed, Jack Dowd answered that the “exhibition is not a memorial, but a celebration of 10 great musicians who knowingly paid the ultimate price because that is how they had to do it. They just had to live their potential 70 years in a fast forward 27 years, their gift was our gift, so please take it!”

Asked about his favourite 27 Club Member, Jack Dowd says: “My favorite “27 club” member would be Alan (blind owl) Wilson, was little known and appreciated, who founded the band “Canned Heat”. He was their song writer, lead singer, lead guitar, and harmonica player.”

“But I cannot end this interview without mentioning Robert Johnson, the very first member of the “27″ who died in 1938 the very year I was born. He was a delta blues guitar player and singer who influenced and inspired the likes of Clapton, Jagger, Richards, Hendrix, Cobain, Mayall, Brian Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green, BB King and more. Without his influence there would not be the great rock music we know today.”

And here is a remarkable selection of popular artists who died at the age of 27:

Robert Johnson
Brian Jones
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Kurt Cobain
Richey Edwards
Amy Winehouse

See more of Jack Dowd’s work and read his interview at Sarasota Visual Art.