Vicky Aisha Goes Sultry In A Snakeskin-Print Bikini That Bares Her Buns

Curvy beauty Vicky Aisha put her generous rear end on show in her latest Instagram post. The bombshell headed into the weekend with a sultry bikini shot that captured her from behind, flaunting her voluptuous assets in a sexy snakeskin-print thong swimsuit that highlighted her hips and thighs in addition to baring her buns.

The Australian tattoo model wore a revealing bandeau two-piece that perfectly showcased her bodacious figure. The skimpy pool garment comprised a teeny top and extremely high-cut bottoms that showed off her waist, emphasizing her hourglass frame. The ensemble was a gorgeous amber palette that looked flattering against her fair skin, accentuating her all-over glow. The look also complemented her golden tresses, which were styled in waves tumbling down her back.

Photographed next to an unmade bed, Vicky was standing with one knee elegantly raised in the air. She arched her back, seemingly sticking out her ample derrière for the camera, and lifted up her arm to ruffle her hair in a coquettish manner. The graceful, almost balletic pose called attention to her chiseled calf, giving fans an eyeful of bountiful curves as well. Her taut midriff was visible in between the high-rise waistline and strapless top, which sat low on her back and exposed a great deal of skin. The mid-profile angle offered a peek at her chest, teasing a tantalizing glimpse of sideboob. Her gorgeous sleeve tattoo was also on display for her audience to admire, as was the floral ink on her thigh and hip, which extended onto her posterior.

The model appeared to be snapped in low light, with the flash serving to illuminate her figure. The dimly lit interior was tastefully decorated with a green potted plant and red candle ornament, which complemented the dark blue framed picture on the wall. A dark pink comforter lay crumpled at the edge of the bed, which was covered with cream sheets mirroring her bronzed tan.

Followers seemed captivated by the seductive look, taking to the comments section in large numbers to express their adoration for the sizzling blonde. In the span of 15 hours, the post garnered more than 30,600 likes and nearly 500 messages. Vicky penned a playful caption for her photo, giving fans a whimsical explanation for the stand-still pose. She also disclosed that she was a Scorpio and asked fans to reveal their sign. As usual, her admirers didn't hesitate to reply, working in plenty of compliments in their answers.

"Saggitarius you are so beautiful Vicky," wrote one person.

"Hello Vicky, heavenly view [peach and raising-hands emoji], your poses are so elegant and amazing," chimed in another Instagram user.

"I am Taurus," continued the message.

"Heeey I'm also a Scorpio," commented a third fan, adding a heart emoji.

"Damn [nine heart-eyes emoji] you're so beautiful, Vicky," gushed a fourth devotee, leaving a string of hearts at the end of their post.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Vicky rocked another animal-print look in a scorching photo shared Tuesday, which saw her nearly popping out of a barely-there cow-print bikini while flaunting her cleavage.