GTA V Online Gets More Zombie-Clowns As Rockstar Games Promotes New Fan-Made Missions

Rockstar Games has selected ten new missions that were built directly by Grand Theft Auto V fans to add directly to the official playlist that is accessible to all players within the game’s online multiplayer mode. These promoted jobs, which are user-generated by gamers thanks to GTA V‘s in-game mission creation tools, are chosen to be listed alongside content actually made by Rockstar Games inside the official playlist for the game.

Announcing the newest set of Rockstar Verified jobs from the team’s official news blog, the developer detailed all ten of the new fan-made additions that are now available to all GTA V players regardless of platform. Five of the newly promoted user-created missions were selections chosen by Rockstar Games as the winners of LTS Creator Competition. The other half consists of an assortment of additional jobs that Rockstar Games felt worthy to share with the entire GTA V community.

Since players are granted a large control over what content they can add to their unique missions, user-generated jobs within GTA V give fans the opportunity to experience situations that they might not otherwise be able to witness inside Los Santos. For example, among the new verified missions is s new mode called Contend: Zombie Town that forces players to face off against horde of undead clowns.

“Here, Blaine County’s quiet moonlit farming village of Grapeseed is transformed into a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic circus of death. On your way into town, abandoned military vehicles and artfully-placed pickup trucks provide smart visual cues evocative of classic zombie horror movies. Coulrophobes beware – in the center of town is a clown-infested circus where a Sawn-Off Shotgun will blow away the first wave of knife-wielding night terrors, but once you’re surrounded there’s no escape. Teamwork is crucial to battle your way through to the Capture bag, and protect you from the shots fired by the Team coming in the other direction. Make for a quick exit, but be sure to leave some of your Team behind, so that they are primed and ready for when the Capture bag respawns.”

For those looking to build their own missions using GTA Online‘s in-game tools, the most recent title update for Grand Theft Auto V added new options to the mission creator that gives users more control over where they can place objects within their custom maps. As reported last month by the Inquisitr, fans now have vertical control over where each set piece can be placed. This means that decorations are no longer bound by gravity and can be left in mid-air rather than having to be attached to the ground.

As a growing number of people pick up the updated versions of GTA V on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, more gamers are now able to experience the boosted population cap of 30 players that are allowed in a single map with the current-gen versions of the game. However, not everyone sees the increased player limit as a positive thing. VG/247 argues that the larger matches make it more difficult to fill a match and thus results in longer wait times for GTA V fans.

Have you ever made your own custom job within Grand Theft Auto V using the mission creation tools of GTA Online?

[Images via Rockstar Games]