‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Fredrik Eklund Moving Out: Where Is He Headed?

Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund is moving on up in the world. Fredrik is currently the number one broker in New York, and surely being on the popular show Million Dollar Listing: New York has only helped his success. Eklund is now a name you recognize when you hear it, especially in connection with real-estate. And since Eklund is so busy making great deals, he is now getting a home for himself and his husband.

On a previous episode of Million Dollar Listing, Fredrik Eklund surprised his husband, artist Derek Kaplan, with their current apartment. Eklund had just closed a deal, so he wanted to surprise his husband with a brand new apartment. Now the couple is moving again, and this time they are taking advantage of the new development connections Eklund has.

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund is moving once again to some new development and he is now listing his own apartment. Fredrik is ready to lower the price on this New York apartment to get it off his hands. This is the second time that Fredrik Eklund has listed the apartment. He also listed it back in May 2013 for $3.25 million. Now, Fredrik is hoping to get $2,995,000 for this Manhattan condo.

“How about this stunner?” Fredrik Eklund wrote on Instagram about the listing, adding, “3br/2.5bths condo featuring 2400 sqft at $2,995,000. Address is 144 West 27th Street and it’s a personal favorite…Those beams and windows! Wedged between beautiful Madison Sq Park and the Chelsea Gallery District. #?TheSell”

Fredrik Eklund's home

The apartment is ideally located. It is located right in the heart of the Big Apple. And the impeccable decorations will surely only help him sell this apartment. Maybe Fredrik is planning on buying a new apartment as a thank you to his husband, who has supported him tremendously over the years. When Eklund wanted a child, Derek told him to slow down on work first. This new move could be the first step in a changing lifestyle.

“He is just amazing giving me business guidance in all of this and the charities we support, so down to earth and grounded when it comes to the larger, difficult decisions, you know the ones that really make us propel to the next level (always challenging in the moment but define us long term),” Fredrik Eklund has said of his husband, adding, “But most of all thanks to New York, you crazy queen of all cities for making me continue realizing all my dreams with you.”

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[Image via Bravo]