‘NCIS’ Spoilers: February Sweeps Bring Big Storylines For Team, Teases Showrunner

The Season 12 cast of 'NCIS'

A new episode of NCIS airs Tuesday night and this kicks off the highly-anticipated February sweeps period for the long-running, fan-favorite show.

What can fans expect? There will be some tough topics tackled this month, some difficult moments, and a big party according to the latest NCIS spoilers.

Showrunner Gary Glasberg chatted with TVLine about some NCIS spoilers for the February sweeps episodes. The February 3 episode is titled “We Build, We Fight,” and it will focus on the murder of a gay, married Medal of Honor recipient. TV Guide notes that the murdered character was a Navy lieutenant who had been set to be the first openly gay Medal of Honor recipient.

The team will delve into whether the murder may have been a hate crime and Rocky Carroll directed this one. Viewers will also see a baby shower for Breena and Jimmy Palmer, a light-hearted component to the otherwise serious episode.

The February 10 episode is titled “Cadence,” and viewers will see DiNozzo head back to the military academy he had gone to as a teen. His return is related to a case where a murdered Marine and school alumnus is discovered holding a photo of a current student. Tanner Stine of The Bravermans will play a teen DiNozzo via some flashbacks as viewers get some fresh insight into how DiNozzo became the man he is today.

February 17 brings “Cabin Fever,” where bad guy Sergei Mishnev returns. Fornell and Gibbs will head to Gibbs’ cabin for a bit and work through some of their grief and challenges in the wake of Diane’s murder. While the manhunt for Mishnev will be intense, there are said to be beautiful moments between Fornell and Gibbs.

Finally, the February 24 episode is titled “Blast From the Past.” NCIS spoilers reveal that a murder victim using an alias from one of Gibbs’ 20-year-old undercover cases sparks a unique investigation from the team.

Down the road viewers will see Delilah pop up again and Robert Wagner, Jr. will return as DiNozzo Sr. Mishnev may escape death this month, but it is said that his days are numbered. While Season 11 ended peacefully as a tribute to the late Ralph Waite, who played Jackson Gibbs, it seems Season 12 will likely come to a much wilder and explosive finish this spring.

From the sounds of things February sweeps will bring some intense episodes and fans won’t want to miss a minute. NCIS airs Tuesday nights on CBS.

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