‘The Bachelor’ Star Kelsey Poe: Was She Faking Panic Attack For Chris Soules’ Attention?

Kelsey Poe was front-and-center in Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules. She didn’t get much attention during her group date, but she made big moves later to make sure she still got some time with Chris. However, she got anxious about that move as the cocktail party was set to begin and the episode ended with her on the floor, a medic leaning over her. What do Soules and host Chris Harrison say about Kelsey and the incident? How has she responded as the episode aired?

In Chris Harrison’s chat with TV Guide, he talks quite a bit about Kelsey. He says he’s curious to see what viewers think of her and he goes both ways. He says she thinks very highly of her intelligence and how she speaks. However, he seems to think that what she meant about her story being so great came off differently from how she meant it.

Harrison says that he thinks she meant that she had a great love story, but she’s ready to move forward after losing him. Chris also says that while he doesn’t know that she meant to come off as arrogant, he’s sure she’s smart enough to use the experience of her husband’s death to her advantage with both Soules and the other bachelorettes.

The Bachelor host also says that he watches carefully to see when the ladies are different around Soules as they are around the other bachelorettes, and Kelsey certainly raised some red flags Monday night on that front. So what about that apparent panic attack? Harrison definitely is skeptical over just what happened.

According to Harrison, when Kelsey was first in the bathroom she had her microphone pack off. When she came stumbling out, a moment seemingly not caught on camera, her microphone was on again. The next thing viewers see, Kelsey’s glass she had been carrying is nowhere to be seen, she’s delicately laying on the floor and crying and gasping as the medic rushes over.

There are definitely some skeptical viewers who wonder if Kelsey manufactured the panic attack to try to ensure she would get some sympathy and a rose. At this point, there seem to be enough red flags to not wonder at least a bit. Even Chris Soules, in his weekly blog for People, tosses out a tease and question about how authentic the incident was. Chris writes.

“Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey, oh my. Did I go check on her? And did she really have a panic attack or was she just faking it? And who will end up on the most dramatic two-on-one date in Bachelor history?”

What can viewers expect from Episode 6 airing on Monday, February 9? As was reported previously via the Inquisitr, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Kelsey does get a rose, but Samantha and Mackenzie go home.

In addition, Kelsey and Ashley Iaconetti get a two-on-one date, clearly the dramatic date Soules teases in his blog. Bachelor spoilers via Reality Steve indicate that Chris will actually send both women home, but it’s obviously going to be a dramatic event.

In addition, Megan Bell goes on the group date, but leaves on her own sometime before the cocktail party, eliminating the need for a rose ceremony. By the end of the episode Chris Soules will be down to his final six ladies and they’ll head to Iowa for the next dates.

For her part, Kelsey Poe has been defending herself on her public Facebook page, noting that she’s in need of support and kindness right now.

“Insinuating that I would dishonor my husband is ripping the scab off an unhealed wound. The pain is tortuous.”

She adds.

“Sander’s death was absolutely devastating, but finding a way to live through it and my strength to survive is amazing.”

Bachelor fans naturally have to remember that a lot of editing is done on this show, so how Poe originally talked about the loss of her former husband to the ladies and to Chris certainly took place at least somewhat differently from how it was edited for Monday’s episode. However, at this point many viewers would likely agree that Kelsey perhaps is not quite the right match for Chris.

Things are getting wild on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules and just a handful of episodes remain before the final rose ceremony. Will Reality Steve’s spoilers nail the ending this time around?

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]