‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Novel Incoming From Marv Wolfman

'Batman: Arkham Knight' novel being written by Marv Wolfman

A Batman: Arkham Knight novel is on its way for avid readers and those potentially looking for game hints before they play. The Arkham video game series has always been rich with story, and for gamers who want every angle, Rocksteady Games even puts in plenty of Easter eggs.

A recent Easter egg found in the third Ace Chemicals Batman: Arkham Knight trailer gave us a glimpse of the LexCorp building as previously reported by The Inquisitr. This further fueled the rumor that Superman might make an appearance after IMDb listings for the game temporarily featured voice actors famous for the role.

It will be interesting to see who the Arkham Knight really is, considering the game series’ tendency to put villains in front of us who turn out not to be who we thought. Asylum was straightforward, giving us the Joker as a clear villain, but the next two games weren’t as clear who the final battle was really going to be with.

Marv Wolfman (the Blade trilogy, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) has been tasked with writing the Batman: Arkham Knight novel based on the upcoming game, which will likely make him a target for video game paparazzi fishing for spoilers. In an announcement on Facebook, which has been taken down, he revealed what he’s been doing in such total secrecy that even his dog apparently doesn’t know.

“Well, I can finally tell folk what I’ve been working on these past months in total secrecy, even from my dog. I wrote the official novelization for Arkham Knight, based on the upcoming video game, and had a ball doing it.”

“The story is highly emotional and I’m exceedingly happy with the results. Both game and book come out in July. I’ll post the cover here once it’s official. Anyway, whew, it feels great finally being able to talk about it. My dog is happy, too. I no longer have to keep throwing her out of my office while I’m working.”

Rocksteady Games has confirmed, according to GameSpot, that the video game subject of the Batman: Arkham Knight novel has not been delayed and will still be released in June. The novel will most likely see bookshelves in July, probably to keep the spoilers under wraps for those of us who want to discover the game the way it’s meant to be played after the Batman: Arkham Knight release date.

The game will be set ten years after the events of Arkham City as the Scarecrow and a mysterious new villain, who appears to be Batman himself, take over Gotham City and give the dark knight his greatest challenge yet.

Are you excited to see the Batman: Arkham Knight novel from Marv Wolfman?

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