Bruce Jenner Gender Reassignment Decision Being Discussed With Diane Sawyer, Interview Airing In May

Bruce Jenner will be sitting down with Diane Sawyer to talk about his decision to become a woman. According to Page Six, the former Olympian has decided to do an interview in an effort to relieve the hype surrounding his not-so-secret life. The report states that the interview will begin filming as early as this week. The public will be able to watch the interview on ABC in May.

According to Us Weekly, the choice to sit down with Sawyer wasn’t difficult, as she has been a big LGBT supporter. Of course giving ABC one of the biggest interviews of the year is a huge blow to NBC Universal, which is the parent company of E!

“Diane has always been very supportive of the LGBT community. She has been honored by GLAAD,” shared a source.

Bruce Jenner has been changing his life little by little, and sources say that he has planned to go all the way. However, he has never spoken publicly about his want to become a woman. While no one thinks this is a requirement, Bruce feels as though it is time he shares his truth with the world. Aside from his sit down with Sawyer, Bruce is also going to have his own docu-series which will reportedly follow his transformation journey.

“The world will see his full transformation. It’s a docu-series featuring the Jenner family talking about Bruce ‘coming out,’” a source told Us Weekly.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bruce Jenner already has his sex change operation scheduled. He also has plans to change his name from “Bruce” to something more feminine (the going rumor has been Brigitte) after the surgery.

“The decision wasn’t made overnight, but has been done thoughtfully over the past year. After having his Adam’s apple removed, and beginning to take hormones, Bruce knew what he wanted to do. He has been in counseling as required by the surgeon, and his doctor believes Bruce is psychologically prepared to become a woman. Bruce has already been living as a woman behind closed doors at his Malibu house. Bruce is ready to legally change his name too. He’ll change his entire identity, and will be recognized as a woman,” shared a source.

Will you watch Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer? Will you tune in for his docu-series slated to air this summer on E!?

[Photo courtesy of Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images via Us Weekly]