That Awkward Moment When A Semi-Naked Man Tries To Start A Disco In A Supermarket

Awkward moment

Serial Prankster Lee Marshall tried to start up a disco in a Morrisons supermarket in the U.K., wearing only a Russian hat, purple and luminous pink hot pants and a pair of D&G shades. He failed horribly.

It happened in the Morrisons supermarket in Herne Bay, Kent over the weekend. In the video above we see the self-styled Discoboy enter the supermarket with his sound system loaded on a trolley.

He immediately gets into his set, but equally immediately has that awkward moment, when the supermarket’s security guard heads up to stop him.

While he fights to stay, saying, “its Saturday for goodness sake,” the guard is insistent and snatches his microphone away from him, turning off the equipment. The guard then has Marshall and his equipment out of the store in less than a minute.

Ending with the Discoboy asking shoppers for any last requests, Marshall gets one response, telling him, “you are too loud.” Marshall then apologizes to all surrounding him and leaves the store, disappointed.

According to the Independent, the video of the awkward moment was uploaded to Marshall’s Facebook page Sunday and has since gone viral, attracting around 100,000 views. Funny thing is, when asked why they don’t like Discoboy, Morrisons tweeted that they are actually fans, they just didn’t like what he was wearing.

To which Marshall replied saying, sorry, that’s the Discoboy outfit.

Turns out Discoboy had picked the wrong supermarket and could have avoided an awkward moment by going to Asda instead.

This is nothing new for Marshall as he has previously made public appearances in his Discoboy persona. Back in November last year, Marshall was seen in a similar style of dress at night, entertaining passersby outside a fast food restaurant. Don’t take our word for it, see the video below. Bearing in mind it is winter in the U.K. and his state of undress, these potentially awkward moments are daring indeed.

In other U.K. related awkward moments, the Inquisitr recently reported on the story of a pub in Galway, Ireland who are bribing their clientele, offering them free drinks if they will let them lock their cell phones away for half an hour.

Then there was the awkward moment when Ronan Keating, Irish recording artist, singer-songwriter and musician, admitted to headbutting Pope Benedict XVI.

[Image: Lee Marshall Twitter]