Katy Perry Upset With Ex Russell Brand Over Super Bowl Tweet

Katy Perry is reportedly fuming over the fact her ex-husband, British comedian and activist Russell Brand, tweeted support to her just prior to her Super Bowl show.

Brand sent her good wishes on the popular Twitter social media platform, explaining that while the British public has no idea about the Super Bowl, the half-time show would be amazing and well worth watching.

Apparently Perry thought Brand, 39, had a cheek to upstage her, by tweeting his message to his over nine million followers.

Brand could have been trying to smooth things over with Katy after their divorce, but she was definitely less than impressed with his efforts. Choosing what is possibly the biggest moment of her career to try to insert himself into her life was, to her, unforgivable.

According to the Mirror, a source told the British tabloids that she couldn’t believe he would say that after everything he has put her through.

“This was the man who, quite literally, destroyed her heart. He sl*gged her off publicly around the world. Then on the biggest night of her life professionally, he could not resist involving himself.”

The source claimed to be close to 30-year-old Perry and said she felt the message inappropriate, especially as Brand had dumped her via text message just 14 months into their marriage. Katy was apparently shocked at the time, not expecting a divorce so soon after their wedding in October 2010.

Despite the tweet, it seems Perry did well. TV3 reports that a record 118.5 million viewers tuned in for the Super Bowl annual halftime show. This meant that Katy Perry’s 13-minute performance outdid Bruno Mars’ efforts last year by 3.2 million.

Besides performing a medley of her best hits, Perry was joined onstage by a couple of special guest stars, Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz. And, despite the upset, yes, Perry is proud of her performance.

In the meanwhile, as reported in the Inquisitr, it seems Katy Perry’s performance absolutely crushes any previous efforts by Madonna and Beyoncé. Here’s the show below, what did you think?

[Images: Russell Brand and Katy Perry CC by-SA Eva Rinaldi]