Is Val Kilmer In Denial And Dying For His Faith?

Reports over the weekend revealed that “Top Gun” star Val Kilmer was rushed to hospital as a result of a bleeding tumor. Kilmer later thanked fans for their support after being hospitalized following what he called a “complication.” An earlier statement released by his spokeswoman mentioned a possible tumor, but Kilmer said “I have not had a tumor, or a tumor operation, or any operation.”

The 55-year-old, who has disclosed in previous interviews he is a Christian Scientist, also says he is being assisted by friends who know his “spiritual convictions” and have helped in minimizing what he called “gossip and silly talk.” According to TMZ Kilmer’s family believe that the actor is killing himself by not dealing with a serious tumor because of his religious beliefs. Some Christian Scientists advocate prayer before or instead of medical treatments.

According to family members, Kilmer has known about his tumor since last summer but has refused treatment because of his faith. According to the New Zealand Herald, Kilmer has had trouble speaking for some time and hid his swollen neck with scarves and other clothing items, but Kilmer reportedly didn’t confess he was in pain as it would be an admission that prayer hadn’t worked.

According to the insider, anyone who persisted with asking the actor to seek medical help was simply cut out of his life.

After TMZ and other outlets reported that doctors had discovered a tumor and performed surgery, Kilmer took to Facebook to deny the story, claiming he didn’t have a tumor and referring only to a vague “complication” that led to his needing medical treatment.

But Kilmer’s own family now says that’s not true. When things took a turn for the worse last week and Kilmer began bleeding, he was finally forced to get treatment. It seems, though, that Kilmer is determined to continue to deny that he is suffering from anything serious.

Kilmer is still insisting that none of these stories is true, he took to Facebook again over the weekend and wrote, “Again, no tumor, no surgery. We are waiting for x ray results and will stay close to my doctors advising, my family and Christian Science practitioner when all the facts are in. Then I’ll do what’s best and be back at it sooner than you can shake a gossip column at an out of work actor.”

Val Kilmer’s family says that he’s not being truthful about his medical condition, and that Christian Science is to blame. Meanwhile, Kilmer insists that he’s in better health than everyone believes and that his crisis has been twisted by the media. So, it seems this story has some way to run.

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