Val Kilmer Throat Tumor: Actor Began Bleeding, Rushed To Hospital

Actor Val Kilmer has reportedly been suffering from a throat tumor and was rushed to the hospital this week because of it.

TMZ reports that paramedics rushed to Kilmer’s Malibu home on Monday night after someone reported through a 911 call that the Batman Forever actor was bleeding from his throat.

Val was later taken to the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. According to the report, doctors have performed surgery and the actor is currently recovering.

Kilmer’s relatives are reportedly not very happy about the situation.

According to TMZ, Val’s family members feel that Val ignored this health condition for too long and only allowed it to worsen over time. Back in October, Val Kilmer had to report to a small claims court in reference to a dispute with a past landlord.

At the time, Kilmer told the judge that he was not able to speak because of a swollen tongue. The 55-year-old actor has also been photographed on two different occasions wearing a scarf around his neck indoors. In December, for instance, a grey scarf was tied around Val’s neck during an L.A. Clippers game. Earlier this month, Val Kilmer attended a Lakers game alongside his son, Jack. As part of his outfit for the evening, Kilmer had a different scarf wrapped around his neck.

Back in August, Val Kilmer made headlines by revealing a much thinner frame while running errands throughout Malibu. At the time, TMZ reported that Val had been following a regular fitness routine — consisting of regular walks and other exercises.

However, another report published by TMZ claimed that Val’s weight loss may have had more to do with his self-image than his health.

“[Val Kilmer] looked in the mirror and realized he’d let himself go, and decided to change everything.”

Kilmer must have been pleased with his weight loss at the time, because he posted shirtless selfies on his official Twitter page back in August.

Val was married to Joanne Whalley for nearly 8 years — from 1988 to 1996. In addition to his son Jack, Kilmer is also the father of a 23-year-old woman, Mercedes.

Val Kilmer is mostly known for a string of successful movies released in the 80s and 90s — including Real Genius, Top Gun, and Batman Forever.

[Image Credit: Dallas News]

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