Teresa Giudice’s Legal Issues Dissuading Women From Joining New Season Of ‘RHONJ’

Despite the fact that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of Bravo‘s most popular shows, the network is reportedly having difficulties finding women for season seven cast due to “legal issues” faced by Teresa Giudice, who is currently serving a 115-month prison sentence for fraud.

For the time being, according to a report in mstarz, Bravo is having a hard time encouraging affluent New Jersey housewives to essentially take over where Teresa left off.

Apparently, despite the huge sums of cash thrown at some prospective RHONJ hopefuls, many women simply weren’t interested in appearing on the show, as they believe that they may face some legal grief just like Giudice did.

An inside source told Radar Online recently, “After the seedy drama surrounding Teresa Giudice, production really wants to class up the franchise. They’re looking for someone like Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”


The source added that, at the same time, Bravo is also looking for a specific type of “Real Housewife,” “Mercedes? BMW? That’s not at all what they’re looking for,” the source said, “They want someone who drives even more expensive cars than those. Think Bentley. They also want someone who has a huge house.”

Another source claimed that the whole casting process has been a trying one for the network executives, as they seem to be getting rejection after rejection, no matter what incentives and perks they offer, “Women who have that much money simply are not interested in doing something like the Jersey Housewives. For one, they find it to be a trashy franchise,” the source alleged.

If the sources are correct, the last thing that housewives in New Jersey are interested in is the scrutiny of the IRS, “Some of them also do not want the scrutiny of the IRS! Anyone who would go on that show with massive amounts of money would likely be closely monitored after what happened to Teresa, so some people are simply choosing not to do that to themselves.”