Suge Knight Video: Rapper Arrested For Killing Terry Carter, But Was Allegedly Targeting Cle Sloan

The Suge Knight video was thought to be the biggest piece of evidence that will determine the rap mogul’s fate. Based upon examining this video, now it’s being claimed the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office believes the killing of Terry Carter was an accident, but since Knight was allegedly trying to target actor Cle Sloan the murder charge will still stick.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Dr. Dre is saying he “didn’t say nothing about making peace” with Suge Knight.

The LAPD had been hoping surveillance cameras in the Compton neighborhood might contain the Suge Knight video showing the rapper running over two people, killing one of them. Knight and his attorney were hoping the hypothetical video surveillance footage would exonerate Knight. Unfortunately, according to TMZ the “recorder from the Tam’s parking lot where the victim was struck and killed was not operating and the surrounded businesses tell us they didn’t capture it either.” At the same time, TMZ also claims the LAPD is in possession of a video which presumably will provide key evidence, although homicide detectives will not say exactly what is on the video.

As Suge Knight tells the story, several assailants reached through the window of his truck and attempted to beat him up. The unidentified men allegedly said they intended to yank Knight out of his truck and kill him. While fleeing the scene in the vehicle, Knight accidentally struck his longtime friend and business associate, Terry Carter, and in addition to Cle Sloan, an actor who has appeared in movies such as Training Day and End Of Watch. Sloan is recovering from his injuries, but Carter died due to the hit and run incident. Knight claims he had no idea he’d struck anyone, much less killed them.

The latest update from TMZ does not tell us what was on the Suge Knight video, but law enforcement officials say they have interviewed multiple witnesses who have filled in the gaps in the story. According to the report, Terry Carter arrived with Suge Knight in the truck before the fight broke out. While Carter was behind the vehicle, Knight was fighting with Cle Sloan before he threw his truck into reverse and gunned the engine twice “as if to make sure he hit his target.”


This means Suge Knight’s murder case is going to involve charges like felony murder with a deadly weapon since it’s apparently an accident that his friend Terry Carter was killed. Attorneys for Knight have already claimed he “did not do anything wrong in this matter” and that the rapper “left the scene because was in fear for his safety and life.” The key question is whether or not the Suge Knight video corroborates these claims.