Seattle Riot: Super Bowl 2015 Fans Want To Mimic Seahawks Vs. Patriots End Zone Fight [Video]

New England Patriots fans are already predicting a Seattle riot will start after the Super Bowl 2015 results yanked the carpet right out underneath the Seahawks in the last minutes of the game.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Tom Brady’s legacy was assured tonight since he set multiple records during Super Bowl 2015. Unfortunately, the win was somewhat tarnished by the DeflateGate scandal since even both John Madden and Joe Montana claim Brady is responsible for the Patriots cheating this time around.

The Patriots Vs. Seahawks game took a violent turn near the end of the game after the New England Patriots kneeled with the ball with only 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Members of the Seahawks shoved through the line and started arguing with the Patriots team, but this argument quickly escalated into an end zone fight.

Punches were thrown by both teams, but the Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin was kicked out of the game for instigating the end zone brawl. The Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski was also involved in the Seahawks end zone fight, pushing and shoving several members of the opposing team. This fight did little to stop the inevitable results, since Tom Brady took the knee again during the next play to secure the Super Bowl 2015 results of 28 to 24.

Over on Twitter, the response to the end of the Seahawks Vs. Patriots game was to suggest a Seattle riot.

so like riot in seattle tonight. burning the first patriot fan i see =)

— BAY (@seattlebay) February 2, 2015

I bet Brady spiked the punch Bowl too eh Seattle, proper thing to do in this situation is a riot? — Dylan Smith (@Dsmitt5) February 2, 2015

I wonder if Seattle is gunna pull a Vancouver??? #Riot #PoorSports

— HHL-TML (@jjpayne6889) February 2, 2015


When the Seahawks won against the Broncos in last year’s Super Bowl the mood in Seattle turned ugly fairly quickly. Police were ready for a Seattle riot and officers had to use flashbangs to clear fans out of the streets.

“There was a clear point where the behavior of the crowd went from a celebration into a riot,” Captain Chris Fowler said according to

Fortunately, despite all the talk on social media about a potential Seattle riot, so far everything is going well according to the Seattle Police Department. Within moments after Super Bowl 2015 finished, the 12th Man gathered together to celebrate how well Seahawks did this season. Instead of rioting, this time the crowd chanted, “Keep your heads up, we still got your back!” and “SEA-HAWKS!!” while taking swigs of champagne.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 2015

[Image via KIRO Radio/Brandi Kruse]