Miss Amazon 2015 Pageant Turns Ugly! Runner-Up Rips Crown From Winner’s Head In Name Of ‘Justice’ [Video]

The crowning of Miss Amazon 2015 took a turn for the worse when the runner-up ripped the crown from the winner’s head and threw it to the ground. The whole ordeal was caught on tape.

Pageantology 101 posted the video to Youtube and labeled it a “shocking coronation.” In the video you see both Carolina Toledo, 20, and Sheislane Hayalla, 23, standing at the center of the stage holding hands. The winner is announced and Toleda moves to the center of the stage to receive her crown. Hayalla initially moves to the back of the stage with the other contestants, but then has a sudden change of heart. Hayalla lunges towards Toledo, ripping the crown right off her head.

In the video it appears it wasn’t just the crown that was pulled from Toledo’s hair. As Hayalla attempts to pull the crown from Toledo’s head, you can see her hair being pulled along with it. Toledo doesn’t fight back and just appears shocked. Hayalla then throws the crown onto the ground and marches off the stage. So what caused Hayalla to snap?


According to the Daily Mail, Hayalla claims she ripped the crown off Toledo’s head as a symbol of justice. Hayalla says that Toledo had bought her way to the title and she didn’t deserve to win.

“Money talks in Manaus and I wanted to show the Amazon people money doesn’t talk here. She didn’t deserve the title.”

Despite Hayalla’s claims that the title was bought, Toledo will still be representing her state at the Miss Universe Brazil pageant.