Mom Who Posted Video On Facebook Of Daughter Abusing Cat Faces Intense Backlash, Sparks Outrage [Video]

**Warning: Video contains content that may be offensive to some users.**

One mother is reportedly in hot water over a controversial video she posted to Facebook. The backlash has been so intense that she was reportedly forced to delete her Facebook account. According to Mirror, Molina Tapia posted a video of her little girl, presumably two or three-years-old, with the family’s pet cat.

The caption for the video simply read, “My darling daughter with our pet cat.” However, the footage definitely isn’t what most people would expect. The one-minute video is actually quite disturbing. While it’s obvious the little girl is totally unaware of the her actions and appears to be “dancing” with the cat, many viewers blasted Tapia for allowing her daughter to mistreat the cat.

Throughout the video, the little girl can be seen pulling and dragging the poor cat. But unfortunately, the 31-year-old mother does nothing to stop the child from abusing the helpless cat. Shortly after the video was uploaded to Facebook, the brash comments began pouring in.


Avid animal enthusiasts were outraged by the video and had no reservations about verbally expressing their displeasure toward the mother’s display of poor judgment. Needless to say, the negative response was so overwhelming that Tapia decided to shut down her account. But, unfortunately, that didn’t stop the video from circulating.

Although she deactivated her Facebook account and the video was removed, it garnered so much attention that it is still circulating around social media. Now, viewers are taking to YouTube with their opinions. Animal rights’ activists have also reportedly addressed Tapia about the video. Some viewers have even questioned whether or not the woman should face charges for animal cruelty. But, unfortunately, animal cruelty is not illegal in Mexico.

What do you think about the lack of accountability toward those who abuse animals in Mexico? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube, Opposing Views]