‘Jeb Bush Put Me Through Hell’: Terri Schiavo’s Husband Speaks Out Against Politician’s Presidential Bid

Michael Schiavo isn’t shy about his feelings for politician Jeb Bush. The man, who was at the center of the “right to die” debate following his wishes to remove his wife, Terri Schiavo, from life support, says that Jeb is a “vindictive, untrustworthy coward.”

Politico reports that Michael Schiavo was thrust into the media spotlight when fought to have his wife pulled from life support. Michael’s wife, Terri Schiavo, was deemed brain-dead by doctors. Michael decided that it was time to pull her from life support and let her die with dignity. However, Terri’s parents did not want her pulled from life support, so a legal battle ensued. The battle would last more than a decade and involve district courts, state courts, federal courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, and even involve the president himself. After 10 years of battling for the right to remove Terri from life support, Michael won his case. On March 18, 2005, Terri’s tube was finally removed and she would die on March 31.

Michael says that the entire fiasco could have been avoided had the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, not gotten involved. The Daily Mail reports that Michael blames Jeb for his “living hell.”

“It was a living hell and I blame him. I wouldn’t trust him in any type of political office.”

Michael points out that Jeb was at the forefront of the Terri Schiavo case. It was disclosed that Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida at the time of the ordeal, wrote to prosecutor Bernie McCabe following Schiavo’s death. He asked that the judge take a “fresh look” at the case and also implied that Michael may have had something to do with her untimely death.

“I urge you to take a fresh look at this case without any preconceptions as to the outcome. He called on McCabe to check how long it took Michael Schiavo to call 911 after his wife’s initial fall.”

Despite Jeb’s call to investigate, McCabe found no evidence of criminality to pursue. Michael says he is speaking out now due to the possibility that Jeb may run for president. He wants everyone to know the real Jeb Bush, who Michael calls a “vindictive, untrustworthy coward.” Michael says that numerous politicians came to his home to apologize following the death of his wife. However, Michael says he never hear from Jeb.

“I’ve had politicians come to my home and apologize to me for what they did to me… But I never heard from Jeb.”

Michael thinks that, should Jeb run for president, he may finally attempt to make amends for his involvement in the Terri Schiavo case and Michael hopes he does.

“Bring it on. Come visit me. I’m asking you. Almost 10 years later and I still haven’t heard from you. Why? Give me an answer. Why? Why? What was Terri Schiavo to you? Why? Tell me why. Why do you think you had the right to be involved? Why would you put me and my family through hell? And what did you gain from that? And after you lost, why did you pursue it? What did you gain from that? He made life, for a lot of people—the nursing home people, the local police, lawyers—he made everybody miserable.”