‘Match Made In Heaven’ From WE TV: Like ‘The Bachelor’ With Black People, Christians And A Drama-Filled Mama [Videos]

The first episode of Match Made in Heaven — called “The Garden of Eden” — is set to air on February 4 on WE tv, and already the show is gaining buzz online and off.

In the TV-14-rated Match Made in Heaven from WE tv, Pastor Ken Johnson acts as the spiritual matchmaker between Shawn Bullard and 24 women to help him find the one who’s meant to be his wife. Of course, the drama will be ratcheted up plenty of notches as the bevy of mostly ethnic beauties fights and fawns over Shawn, and one of them has their secret lifestyle exposed. It probably isn’t the Match Made in Heaven WE tv star who claimed she wanted to share her uterus and all her STDs with Shawn — and any of his with her — because that Match Made in Heaven woman seemed like an open book.

Either way, videos like this Match Made in Heaven: Shawn on Success by WE tv that was uploaded two weeks ago has received 1,905 views, with viewers apparently interested in Shawn and his millionaire mindset. The Match Made in Heaven: Trailer by WE tv uploaded one week ago has gotten 1,238 views on the WE tv YouTube channel, but many more views on other non-WE tv channels that uploaded the video earlier.

Billed as the Bachelor we have been waiting for that takes dating to a holy new level, one wonders if the same shenanigans seen on other reality TV shows will be shown on Match Made in Heaven.

The Match Made in Heaven page on WE tv has additional video clips of football player-turned-business mogul Shawn, who is shown working out and displaying his massive back muscles on the WE tv show. The women, for their part, lust over Shawn, and are a hoot and a holler when they meet Shawn’s cussing and protective mother.


For those who want to know more about Shawn Bullard, the center of WE tv’s Match Made in Heaven, the Atlanta Journal Constitution‎ has a new article about Shawn. The 33-year-old Bullard says that his mother asks him seven days per week when he will get married, with the former NFL player and real-estate investor getting flack from mom about what “skank” or worse-named woman she saw her son with on Facebook.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Shawn will go through similar machinations of those standard bachelor shows to pick from the 24 women on WE tv’s Match Made in Heaven. Funny scenes show the women not wanting to stink or appear drunk or too sleazily dressed when meeting the woman who could be their future mother-in-law.

With shows like Sex Box — a WE tv show that features couples having sex on TV, as reported by the Inquisitr — and now Match Made in Heaven, it’ll be interesting to see which ones strike it big with viewers.

[Image via Match Made in Heaven]