Vladimir Putin Told To Quit Now On His Own Site

Vladmir Putin unveiled a shiny new website for his campaign today only to be met by very popular comments telling him to “quit now.” Previously, Putin had stated that the internet is “50 percent porn” and now that he’s started his e-campaign he might have to go back to his old way of thinking.

The site shows Vladimir Putin in all his winter glory, his plastic surgery helping to make him appear the handsome hardman he professes to be. Unfortunately, among the most popular comments he received, in the visitor section of his website, were one by Andrei Antonenko, who wrote: “Leave politics, please. We understand that power is a drug but that would be a dignified act.” A further damning comment said: “At the present moment this step on your part would be the most useful thing you could still do for the country.”

Svetlana Sorokina even warns of an impending revolution: “I suggest you don’t allow the situation to become a revolutionary one and quit the post of prime minister and also withdraw your candidacy from the presidential race.” All very serious stuff for Mr Putin to consider.

Putin did receive positive comments, though, including one from Ekaterina Zvereva who wrote: “I wish you success in the elections! You are the very best person in the world!” Problem is, that comment is so far removed from others that it does look like a member of Vladimir Putin’s staff wrote it. The presidential elections in Russia take place on the 4th of March.

Source: The Vancouver Sun