Kurds Celebrate In The Streets After Pushing Back The Threat Of ISIS

Earlier on the Inquisitr, it was reported how the Kurds, with airstrike assistance from the United States military, were able to repeal the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from the border town of Kobani on Monday, January 26. ISIS should have probably taken the loss of hundreds of their troops in November of last year as a precursor of their eventual failure. It is too late for them now, as ISIS has generally retreated.

Even though news of the conflict many countries in the Middle East have with ISIS is important to report, it is always a blessing to report something of a more positive nature pertaining to the area. In this case, the celebration that happened after the Kurds pushed back ISIS is amazing to watch.

ISIS Flag on Hill
This black banner of the Islamic State - which is used by ISIS - sits atop a hill overlooking Kobani back in October of 2014.

According to an article by Times of Israel, the hallmark of the Kurds’ celebration was raising their flag on a hilltop that once flew ISIS’ black banner. On Kobani’s war-ravaged streets, gunmen fired in the air while male and female fighters embraced. Idriss Nassan, senior Kurdish officer, also made a statement to the Associated Press from Turkey. Nassan used the insulting Arabic acronym “Daesh” to identify ISIS.

“Daesh gambled on Kobani and lost. Their defenses have collapsed and its fighters have fled.”

Technically, the Kurds don’t have full control of Kobani just yet. There is still a meager 10 percent they need to capture, specifically near the eastern outer edges of the city where some ISIS militants still retain some foothold. As for the People’s Protection Units (YPG), they are presently searching houses in the eastern suburbs, dismantling and detonating bombs and booby traps that were left behind.

Below are a couple of videos from YouTube showing the Kurds celebrating after their victory against ISIS. Take note of the last video by VOAvideo, which shows the Kurds raising the Kurdish flag on the hilltop where the Islamic State black banner used to be.


While the celebrations may continue in Kobani, it is reported the YGP will switch their focus over to several hundred villages nearby that are still held by ISIS militants after they are done in the East Suburbs. Kurdish activists said the fight for those villages will be easier than it was for Kobani itself.

[Featured Image via EPA, Post Image via Lefteris Pitarakis]