Meghan Trainor Denies Romance With Harry Styles

Meghan Trainor has been receiving quite a bit of attention in recent months, since her song “All About That Bass” became a mega hit and inspired several covers. And what happens when one suddenly finds themselves thrust into the spotlight? Rumors.

Trainor has reportedly been linked with One Direction member Harry Styles, who worked with her on a sad tune called “Someday Maybe,” but she says they are just friends. The duo wrote the song together, but Meghan says she’s not sure if Styles will record it as a duet with her or if she’ll recruit someone else.

As for hooking up? Trainor says it never happened.

“Do you know how many hours I’ve spent with that man? Maybe two or three. And then they’re like, ‘Are you dating?’ ‘What? No!'” Meghan said in a recent interview on Capital FM radio.

Meghan told the Associated Press that she was impressed with Styles’ writing skills, especially on a heavy song like “Someday Maybe”.

“His lyric game for a 20-year-old boy was incredible. I was just like… `who hurt you Harry? You’re so good at this. So good.'”

Despite the constant churning of the rumor mill, Trainor told the Daily Star she would love to work with him again in the future, possibly on the next One Direction album.

“Harry is the best person to work with. Nice, funny and very normal. I would love to write together again and I think it will happen, absolutely. It would be amazing if they wanted me to write with them for their next album. I just love writing so I would love to,” Trainor said.


Meghan Trainor may not be romantically linked to Harry Styles, but she did perform a rather sad song during her radio interview called “London Lights” that might get people talking about their relationship again.

She used a ukulele for accompaniment, singing, “Got me looking at London lights / Wishing you were here with me and these London lights / Saying how you love that I got hazel eyes / And honestly, I won’t catch up on sleep tonight / I’ve been looking at London lights and missing you.”

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