Bobbi Kristina Brown Depressed? Whitney Houston’s Daughter ‘Fighting Demons’ Before Bathtub Incident

Bobbi Kristina Brown had a very hard time after her mother’s death, but many thought that she was in a good place after getting married (to adopted brother Nick Gordon). However, many are now wondering if Brown was depressed, and if she tried to harm herself this weekend.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brown, 21, was found face down in her bathtub on Saturday. She was rushed to the hospital and is believed to be on life support. There are several reports which claim that she is brain dead.

According to People Magazine, Brown’s social media accounts may provide a glimpse into what was really going on in her life. Days before this tragedy, Brown tweeted about her mom, just two weeks before the anniversary of her tragic death (Whitney was also found unconscious in a bathtub).

Bobbi Kristina Brown retweeted this message about her astrological sign on Thursday.

Over the past week, Brown tweeted quite a bit, but nothing may have been more telling than the following.

Brown — who is in a hospital in Georgia with her dad, Bobby Brown, and fiance, Nick Gordon, by her side — filled up her Instagram with photos of her and her fiance, as well as a fair amount of selfies. Since news of her current condition broke, people have been flooding her posts with well wishes and words of kindness and hope.

According to a more recent report by People Magazine, a family friend said that Bobbi Kristina is listed in “stable condition.” This does not suggest that Brown is breathing on her own, or that she is exhibiting normal brain function. It simply means that doctors have done their job to stabilize her. According to Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, “stable” condition isn’t necessarily a positive sign.

“The problem with ‘stable’ is that it simply means that a person’s condition is not changing: One person could be terribly ill and another ready to go home, and both are ‘stable.’”

People Magazine’s unnamed source spoke a little bit about the demons that Bobbi Kristina Brown has faced since losing her mom in 2012.

“It’s been a difficult time for Bobbi Kristina, who’s struggled in the years after her mother’s death. [She] has been vacillating between extremes for a while now and is fighting grief and demons of her own creation. The loss of her mom and her intense craving for attention of any sort are just the tip of her mountain of issues.”

[Photo courtesy of My Brown Baby]