Pit Bull Puppy Beaten With Shovel And Buried

Early this past Friday, NYPD officers were called to the scene of a brutal beating. The victim was a six-month-old brown brindle pit bull mix named Hennessy.

Several neighbors saw the terrible scene. One witness called 911 while another recorded the vicious owner beating the pit bull. The video was released only to the police.

Raul Cruz, 43, beat the pit bull puppy around the yard of his Bronx home with fists until he found a shovel. Once the weapon was in hand, he repeatedly smashed it into the dog’s head. When he was done, he buried the puppy in a snow bank and left it for dead.

Sgt. Derek Mercado, one of the officers called to the scene, is a dog owner and was troubled by what they found.

“We had to physically dig her out of the snow. [The pit bull] was crying and she was actually trying to pull herself out as we were digging. As soon as we got enough room for her to get out, she popped right out and ran right up to me. It seemed like something was wrong with her back legs. When we got her out, I knew that we had to do whatever we could to catch this guy.”

According to the NY Daily News, court documents explain that Cruz beat, kicked and threw the pit bull around the yard. He even took the frightened dog into a shed where the witnesses heard “yells and animal like screaming.” Witnesses also told officials that this was not the first time they’d seen Cruz abusing his pit bull.

The officers took Hennessy back to their station house and offered her food. The pit bull was malnourished and quickly finished what was given to her. After that she was transferred to an emergency animal hospital.

A vet at the ASPCA examined the poor pit bull and told officers that she was suffering from a fractured skull, legs, ribs and back. Hennessy also lost a few teeth.


Cruz was found near the scene and arrested. He’s being charged with aggravated animal cruelty and criminal possession of a weapon. He’s also facing charges of torturing, injuring and not feeding Hennessy the pit bull.

Cruz’s neighbors are furious with the brutal beating.

Neighbor Dave Brown, 45, said, “he’s an idiot to do something like that. The dog can’t fight back. How are you going to beat up a dog like that? I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.”

A relative posted Cruz’s bail of $5,000.

[ Image courtesy of NYPD Twitter ]