Martin Pistorius: ‘Ghost Boy’ Trapped In Coma For 12 Years Reveals Horrific Physical And Sexual Abuse He Suffered

At the age of 12, Martin Pistorius suffered from a rare illness that left him in a vegetative state for 12 years. Pistorius, who has been dubbed as “Ghost Boy” by the media, recently revealed that he was well-aware of the things happening around him but unable to respond.

Now, he’s sharing his compelling story with the world. While many people only see the miraculous side of his victorious recovery, he’s shedding light on the grim details about his life during that time.

According to Mail Online, Pistorius, who is now married and working as a web designer, has revealed he was physically and sexually abused throughout the comatose period of his life. During an exclusive interview with Mail On Sunday, he shared a number of shocking, graphic details about his horrific experiences with home care employees.

Then, to make matters worse, the abuse was not limited to one employee. Pistorius revealed he’d been abused by several employees. He explained in detail how he’d be forced to eat and drink until he was sick. He also recalled being sexually abused by an unnamed woman.

Here’s what he had to say.


“I would dread it whenever my parents told me they were taking me to the care home because I knew what would happen and I had no way of letting them know the agonies I’d suffer,” he said. “It was horrific. Of course they felt dreadful when they eventually found out and my father Rodney reported what happened but of course everyone denied it and as a result I have never had justice. People in the care home would pull my hair making my eyes water, the metal spoon would crash against my teeth as they forced food into my mouth.

“When it made me sick they’d shout and scream at me. I knew if I cried it would only make it worse. I would be forced to drink scalding tea or fed until I was sick, then I’d be slapped, shouted at, made to feel worthless, then would come the sexual attacks from women who were supposed to be looking after me. One woman would come into the room and straddle me and simulate sex with me and touch me inappropriately. Nothing made me feel more powerless, I longed to run away.”

Pistorius explained how he shared details about the mistreatment with his parents when he began regaining consciousness. By the age of 25, he had regained full consciousness. The shocking details of Pistorius’ 12-year nightmare are reportedly chronicled in his new autobiography, titled Ghost Boy, published by Simon & Schuster.

[Image via Martin Pistorius]