Nick Gordon: Bobbi Kristina’s Husband Not ‘The Best Influence’ But Not To Blame For Drug Use, Says Family Source

Nick Gordon is the focus of news reports on January 31, the same day that TMZ reported Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bathtub by Gordon and a friend Saturday morning. Nick and the friend immediately began performing CPR to revive Bobbi. When police arrived and searched the home for drugs — there were no signs of drugs or alcohol found during the sweep of the home. Cops said that when Nick Gordon found his wife, she was face down in the tub and not breathing. According to a family source, Nick Gordon shouldn’t be blamed for any drug use that’s uncovered in the situation, reports People.

“I don’t want to blame Nick Gordon for any drug use, because that’s not fair. Bobby was blamed for Whitney’s drug use, and that always bothered him. She was a grown woman who made her own choices.”

The seriousness of Bobbi Kristina’s situation can be discovered by the latest updates being released about her condition, which state that although Bobbi is still alive and breathing, she has been placed in a medically-induced coma because of brain swelling, reports the Inquisitr.

Nick Gordon and his marriage to Kristina has long been the source of controversy, reports the Daily Mail, showing Nick and Bobbi visiting a pharmacy near their home earlier this year. In that article, the damaged car of Nick Gordon can be seen in photos, the result of a recent accident wherein Nick Gordon was arrested for DUI afterward, reported TMZ.

Nick was able to walk away from that horrible car crash without suffering major injuries, but Gordon is back in the news today due to the new tragic incident with his wife. Previously, reports calling Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina brother and sister filled the internet, due to an non-finalized adoption of Nick into the family. Rumors about potential drug use have surrounded Gordon and Bobbi, especially in light of Kristina looking very thin in recent photos.

While the family source continued to say that Nick Gordon never made a fan out of Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, due to cursing in front of her, Nick was still defended by the family source when talking about Bobbi, Nick and Bobbi’s choice to allegedly avoid drugs because of how her mother died.

“Krissy makes her own choices, too. No one influences her to do anything she doesn’t want to do; she’s stubborn just like both of her parents. Nick Gordon may not be the best influence on her, but she makes her own choices. She said, ‘I know how my mother died, and I’ve learned from her mistakes. She seemed very adamant.’”

[Image of Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina via People]