Surprise! 2015 Tegan And Sara Contest, Plus New Remix Song

Tegan and Sara are having a Super Bowl party of their own, and have two treats associated with their namesake introduced over the last week of January. Included are a song and a fan-based new 2015 contest series. Not unlike the Imagine Dragons having a contest to see them perform 35,000 feet in the air, this new contest idea about Tegan and Sara is out of this world — but isn’t actually from Tegan and Sara.

Of course, Tegan and Sara are no stranger to contests. Last year, they had the Indaba Music “I Was A Fool” remix contest. In 2013, they had the Beatport “Play Closer” remix contest. Is this year’s contest also a remix contest? Hardly.

According to their social media accounts, Tegan and Sara are attempting to keep in touch with their fans more often. They wrote on Facebook on January 21, “Well, haven’t we been the worst! We promise to get back to updating more regularly on @teganandsara and @thescsociety #‎hibernation.”

TheSCSociety (Super Close Society) is the Tegan and Sara fan club, and they have recently posted about a new group of fans that are about Tegan and Sara (but aren’t Tegan and Sara officially) called The Communitns (misspelled on purpose). In other words, The Communitns are the latest fan-crafted branch of the Super Close Society associated with Tegan and Sara. The Communitns describe themselves as, “Taking the SCS to the streets! We’ll organize meetups and share all of the good that YOU do. We are TnS fans supporting other fans! We are The CTnS!”

To kick off the new Communitns, a Tegan and Sara contest is being held that was announced on January 31. The Communitns writes, “Details on our February 2015 contest! Thanks for being awesome!,” and links to a YouTube video.

In the video posted from The Communitns YouTube account, they state they will have monthly Tegan and Sara merchandise contests. The Tegan and Sara-related upcoming series of contests will highlight people that attempt to “Make Things Right” (aka make a difference) in their local communities. For example, people that volunteer at homeless shelters are ideal nominees for the Tegan and Sara-inspired 2015 contests. The prize is their pick of any Tegan and Sara merchandise that they want. The first contest runs until the end of February, 2015, with more to be announced. You can nominate yourself or a friend.

As an added bonus for fans, there is a pre-released song by Sultan + Shepard featuring Tegan and Sara. The album by Sultan + Shepard will be available on March 13, but the “Make Things Right” video was made available on YouTube on January 25. Tegan and Sara wrote about the new song on their website.


“A couple years ago we co-wrote a song called ‘Drove Me Wild’ with a very talented duo called Sultan and Ned Shepard. The song ended up making our record Heartthrob… You might also recognize their names from our Closer remixed record… We’ve released a lyric video for a new song we collaborated on called, ‘Make Things Right.'”

What will Tegan and Sara be up to next? As for now, they still have some well-articulated dreams on hold that have yet to flourish. For instance, in 2013, Tegan and Sara told Glamour Magazine that, on the topic of ideal collaborations, they would love to do something with Prince. Cyndi Lauper was also a Tegan and Sara dream collaborator because they are always covering her songs at shows.

[All images from the referenced links. Feature image via the Super Close Society.]