Custom Domain Name Extensions Coming Soon, Applications Now Open

There’s a wide range of domain name extensions to choose from, more recently .xxx being available for purchase and quite a few people buying them. ICANN, the company that controls and releases new domain name extensions, announced today that applications are open for companies to get their very own custom extension.

For example, Google could have .google or Walmart could have .walmart to give you an idea. As far as mainstream acceptance of these new custom extensions goes, only time will tell. Most people when thinking of a domain name think “.com” or “.net” for example.

Via Tom’s Guide:

“On Thursday, ICANN opened up the doors for companies to step up and apply for a domain that replaces the typical .com, .org, .info, .gov or other extension with their actual company name. ICANN expects to see up to 2000 applications within the small three-month window it’s currently permitting, and will likely not take additional .yournamehere domain applications for years to come.”

Your traditional .com domain name can cost upwards of $15 per year depending on the registrar. These custom extensions are much more pricey however and something that very few companies will even be willing to pay for.

“According to Reuters, an application for the new domain isn’t cheap, costing $185,000 per entry. The estimated start-up costs will be around $500,000 and annual costs will be around $100,000.”

That’s a lot of money, but as the article also stated, it’s chump change for multi Billion dollar companies. If you could buy a custom domain name extension, what would it be and why?