Top 5 Most Expensive Domain Name Sales Of 2011

In 2010 the domain name sold for a crazy $13 million and while 2011 hasn’t witnessed that type of domain name sale movement there has still been some big winners in the domain purchase game.

The biggest winner of 2011 was the domain which sold for a hefty $2.6 million, not bad for a page that currently shows the message “server not found.”

DN Journal rounds out the top 5 most expensive domain names of 2011:

  • A cool $1 million for a domain registrar company.
  • This is the German word for Stocks. The sale price? $725,000.
  • Currently the homepage for Canadian Tech company Universe Corporate the domain sold for $700,000.
  • Tied for fourth place with this site managed to grab $700,000 price

Another notable first occurred with the list this year when took in bix money for the new XXX domain system, fetching a cool $500,000.

Are you surprised by the big money paid for the domain names listed above?

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