WWE News: WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Nearly Gone From WWE, Has WWE Release Papers In Hand?

WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio could be gone from the WWE very soon. We were hearing reports that Rey was in talks with WWE about an official release last month, but nothing was confirmed. We know now that the former WWE Champion was able to get his release papers last week, which means they are in hand as we speak. The issue is, nothing has been officially signed yet.

According to PwInsider.com, there are some issues that need to be ironed out before everything is officially signed. Many speculate that it could be in regards to WWE's no-compete policy. This policy was thrown out twice in 2014 in the cases of former WWE Superstars CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. If this is the case, it would make sense that there is a delay.

Regardless, Mysterio has been hard at work already scheduling appearances. Promoters are simply just waiting on Rey's official release from the company. It is thought that we'll see the release most likely before the end of next month. It is uncertain as of now, however.

Rey has been in talks with new promotion Lucha Underground. We also know he has spoken to Mexican promotion AAA. Both make a lot of sense for a luchador like Rey, and a lot of attention would be brought to both promotions with Mysterio there.

Alberto Del Rio recently worked for both promotions and brought them a ton of attention. Someone with the name Rey has would certainly bring in a ton of eyeballs. Lucha Underground has been getting rave reviews by wrestling critics, and the shows continue to be solid. They take a more cinematic look to the world of pro-wrestling and have segments styled in the way you'd see in a major film. It is no surprise as TV Producer Mark Burnett and well-known movie director Robert Rodriquez are attached to the product.

Meanwhile, AAA is simply a major promotion in Mexico that has seen every top Hispanic name in the business seemingly.

Rey would be a great fit at either, but he is simply waiting for everything to get signed. Once they work out the major details, papers will be taken care of and Rey will get as he wants.

It is said that wherever Rey ends up, he will not work anything close to his WWE schedule. He will certainly be part-time or TV only. Many feel that Mysterio has a lot left in his tank, but he'll go on empty quick if he has to work a major schedule. A lighter schedule saves his body, which would allow him to be around far longer wherever he decides to go in the future.

WWE loses a major name for them soon, but Mysterio has been off of television for nearly a year. Fans are starting to forget him while WWE is attempting to promote new luchadors in Sin Cara and Kalisto. Will they be as big as Mysterio? Time will tell. Arguably, Rey is the most successful luchador of all time. He accomplished great things in WWE, and he will be missed by the fans.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]