WWE News: WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio To Retire From Pro Wrestling Very Soon

WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio has been off of WWE programming for months now. He has asked for his release and even stopped cashing WWE checks months ago as well. Sadly, WWE didn’t want to let the luchador go, despite his wishes. Instead, they kept adding to his contract due to the fact that he missed time.

Under a clause in a WWE contract, they have a right to renew a contract for any missed time a WWE Superstar or Diva misses. In the case of Mysterio, who has been hurt a lot, WWE has done this a few times now. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon met with Rey late last year and spoke with him regarding a comeback to the company. WWE was going to have him under contract anyway.

Vince was able to settle Rey down and Mysterio was said to have a change of heart about leaving or retiring all together.

This is what led to news that WWE creative would have him involved in a story from WWE Survivor Series to WrestleMania 31. As we have seen, this concept was dropped, but it is unsure why. Many speculate that Mysterio simply didn’t want to return to the ring, despite how long his deal was going to be for.

This has led to the current rumor out of WrestlingInc claiming that WWE may release Mysterio very soon, before he can compete in WrestleMania 31. While most would assume that it would be good for Rey to leave right after and not before, that concept isn’t something he seems to care about.

Rey has competed in WrestleMania matches before and even had Mania moments in his career. He is an easy WWE Hall of Famer. He has been hurt a lot in the end. It makes sense for him to call it quits from WWE. If he does wrestle, it would be good to do sparingly, not consistently like he would in WWE on a full-time schedule.

Most WWE performers will tell you that the toughest part is the road schedule, so just being off of that is a help for any older talent. The issue is, under a full-time WWE schedule, you have to perform over 300 days a year. That can really do a number on the body. Plus, there is no off-season. You have to get hurt to get time off. Maybe Rey Rey had the secret all along.

Whether he retires and never wrestles again when he leaves WWE is uncertain. However, we know WWE is contemplating letting him go, and if we don’t see him wrestle again, it wouldn’t be a shock. He has made a lot of money, why risk hurting yourself more when you’re set for life?

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