N.H. Couple Got $2,631 From Burger King And Returned The Loot

When Janelle and Matthew Jones visited a Rochester, New Hampshire, Burger King on Friday, all they actually wanted was a sweet tea and a Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich. What the startled couple actually got on arrival home and opening the package was wads and wads of notes, adding up to a hefty $2,631.

It happened on Friday as they went through the drive-thru at the Rochester branch of Burger King. As they put their hands out for the food, they were handed the money instead but didn't bother to look inside the bag until they got home.

According to the New York Daily News, the Joneses did admit they considered keeping the cash, saying they are "not perfect" and they could certainly use it. However, it turns out they are both Jehovah's Witnesses, and according to Matthew Jones, "Jehovah sees everything."

So the Joneses ended up doing the right thing by returning the bag full of money to the restaurant and, as Jones added, "It felt a lot better than keeping it."

It turns out the $2,631 was all packed up and ready for a bank deposit by the Burger King outlet, and it is a good thing indeed that the couple returned the bag of money.

KTLA5 said the employee who had made the error was, apparently, threatened with firing before the couple returned the bag. The poor guy did make a mistake by handing over the wrong bag, after all.

When approached by the media, the Rochester Burger King confirmed the couple's story but declined to make any further comment. However, according to Janelle Jones, the management gave her five free meals as payment in response to their good Samaritan deed.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Burger King is feeling some heat lately from McDonald's newly-dumped CEO and offered that gentleman a Burger King burger via Twitter. They offered it to him flame-grilled and told him they welcome everyone.

Right everyone, 'fess up. If you had been handed that bag containing $2,631 instead of the fast food you ordered, what would you have done? Kept it, or returned it?

[Image: Burger King drive thru CC BY 2.0 ceiling]