Super Bowl 2015 Ads Feature ‘The Voice’ With Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, And Cute Puppies [Video]

What’s up for Super Bowl 2015 when it comes to those beloved TV ads? Everything from the awww-too-cute puppy commercials (wave your paws!) to The Voice (roll your chair!) to Kim Kardashian (wiggle your derriere!). And although it might seem as if those baby doggies with the enormous puppy eyes are difficult to beat, The Voice is receiving what appears to be the biggest chunk of advertising dollars, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The TV singing show, which has stayed in the shadow of American Idol since it began, is trying for increased exposure with a 60-second second Super Bowl ad. Included in the commercial promoting the February return of The Voice are coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams.

For Super Bowl commercial creators, the challenge is persuading viewers to stay seated during the ad rather than dash to the kitchen for chips’n’dip (or to the bathroom for the human version of a puppy’s “go out” time).

Hoping to lure those viewers to remain comfy on the couch, Kim Kardashian has turned over her talent of selfies to T- Mobile, which in turn is using Kim K to promote their new data-heavy phone plans, reported U.S. News.

Does using a “famous person” really help sell products? Well, maybe, says Devra Prywes, vice president of marketing for research firm Unruly.

However, before that can happen, Devra emphasizes that the viewers need to feel a connection or a reason to share the ad’s raison d’etre with others.

“A celebrity can’t save an ad that doesn’t do those things, but the right celebrity can help amplify it,” said the media expert.

But does it really take a celebrity when you’ve got a cute puppy? Budweiser thinks not, and the beer for best buds hopes to prove it again with a baby doggy and beautiful horses.

Together with the horses for horse-lovers and puppies for dog-lovers, the Budweiser commercial includes the return of that good-looking cowboy, Don Jeanes, for his third Bud commercial.

The charming plot showcases the plight of a puppy who jumps into a horse wagon and rides off for a little adventure. His humans worry about the little dog, but the clever Clydesdale horses come through for a win-win-win (doggy wins, human wins, and Budweiser hopes that it wins!).

If you missed last year’s Super Bowl 2014 puppy-Clydesdale commercial, you can see it below.

What else can you look forward to at Super Bowl 2015? As the Inquisitr reported, Katy Perry has been shaping up for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She’s set with a variety of costume changes and songs, hoping to top previous performers ranging from Sir Paul McCartney to Beyonce.

[Image via NBC]