Rihanna Accused Of Ripping Off Style — FKA Twigs Fans Unimpressed

Is Rihanna a style copycat? According to fans of FKA Twigs, she definitely is. The Boombox reports that the two singers are looking pretty similar lately, especially the R&B singer’s recent look on the cover of i-D Magazine. While the similarity in the two singers’ styles could be nothing more than a mere coincidence, some fans of FKA Twigs are taking this very, very seriously. Some fans are even accusing her of ripping off Lauryn Hill.

The i-D Magazine cover shows Rihanna with her hair in a retro box braid style — a style she pulls off beautifully. This also happens to be a hairstyle frequently worn by FKA Twigs, who has also posed for the very same magazine in the past. The girlfriend of Robert Pattinson was on the cover of i-D back in 2012, and her hair was in a similar style. However, it should be pointed out that the covers are only slightly similar to one another, and that FKA Twigs wore her box braids in an entirely different style from Rihanna’s recent cover photo.

Neither FKA Twigs or Rihanna have addressed the recent uproar about the similarities in their style, and that’s probably because they both have far more important things to be doing. FKA Twigs is busy spending time with her hunky boyfriend and working on her musical career, and RiRi is supposedly getting hot and heavy with Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact the gossip that’s been circulating around those two have indicated that they are way too busy to be worried about fashion and style advice from fans.

FKA Twigs is also keeping busy making sure Robert Pattinson stays in her life. KPopStarz reports that the singer recently dissed Kristen Stewart, but the diss was less about Kristen and more about Kristen’s rumored lesbian relationship with her former assistant. That sounds like an awful lot of relationship drama with far too many people involved, but it wouldn’t be Hollywood if it were any different.

Do you think Rihanna is purposely ripping off FKA Twigs’ retro hair style and overall look — or do you think that FKA Twigs has just set a hair trend with women who can actually pull off the look?

[Photo credit via iD-Magazine]