Mariah Carey Reunites With L.A. Reid As Vegas Ticket Sales Continue To Struggle

After experiencing a career crash in 2014 like almost no major artist has ever experienced, Mariah Carey is set to reunite with LA Reid at Epic Records (part of Sony) for the first time since 1999’s Rainbow album. Billboard was one of the first magazines to report about Mariah Carey’s new deal.

“A nearly finalized multi-album deal would see Carey’s first new material through the label since 1999’s ‘Rainbow’, beginning with a greatest-hits set to coincide with her upcoming residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Dubbed ‘#1’s,’ the concert series booked by Creative Artists Agency begins May 6 and will include all 18 of Carey’s Billboard Hot 100 chart-toppers, from 1990’s ‘Vision of Love’ to 2008’s ‘Touch My Body.’”

Mariah Carey’s new album deal comes at a horrific time in the singer’s personal and professional life. Mariah has received a lot of negative publicity due to her divorce from Nick Cannon. Even worse, Carey’s last album, Me I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse, is considered one of the biggest flops by a major artist in music history. HitFix talks about some of the reasons why Mariah Carey’s latest album was an absolute disaster.

“Carey kept showing up in the press but for the wrong reasons, like her Norma Desmond-like ride on a New York subway last week clad in a formal gown and white gloves. That doesn’t make her seem street or one with the people, it makes her seem confused about where she is and out of touch. If she wants to ride the subway, something I imagine she hasn’t done in decades, as a publicity stunt, that’s fine, but don’t do it in a way that only makes you seem even more unrelatable.”

For the most part, Mariah Carey has kept her very poor ticket sales for her Vegas Residency out of the press. But anybody can go to AXS to figure out just how poorly tickets are selling. As of today, you can easily get 10 Mariah Carey tickets very near the stage for the first date, May 6. A quick search on other dates reveals even more of a sales disaster. However, Mariah Carey’s residency doesn’t begin for another three months, and ticket sales may improve.

Perhaps Mariah Carey may want to get advice from Jennifer Lopez, a woman who may not sell a lot of records, but keeps getting new commercial and movie offers. Unlike Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez has become more relatable to the general public. Where do you think Mariah Carey went wrong in her career? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Daily Mail]