Amber Portwood Splits With Boyfriend, Reportedly Suspected Him Of Cheating

Amber Portwood is busy getting her life together after her release from prison, but it looks like her life will not include her boyfriend, Matt. On Friday, it was revealed by Radar Online that the couple, who had been dating for a couple of months, called it quits.

The Teen Mom star dated the man, who was nearly 20 years her senior, for a few months. At first, she was very quiet about the relationship and rarely posted photos or statuses with her boyfriend. Early on, though, the couple got matching tattoos which read "true love" in Italian. Her boyfriend also got Amber's name tattooed on his arm, leading some to believe that the relationship was very serious.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amber Portwood unfollowed her boyfriend on Twitter last month, right before Christmas. Could that be when the trouble started? A source spoke out to Radar about the split, divulging the details of the reported "tumultuous relationship."

"They broke up earlier this week. They have a very tumultuous relationship."

The source added that Amber Portwood suspected her boyfriend of cheating and that she didn't trust him.

The reality show star spent some time in prison but has appeared to be getting her life on the right track. When she kept her relationship quiet, it seemed like a step in the right direction. Despite reuniting with the Teen Mom cast for an all-new season, Amber continued to try to keep her private life private, which is not an easy task for a reality show star. However, details about the mystery man soon started to trickle out, and it was revealed that not only did he have a criminal record, but he also had a history of taking jabs at the Teen Mom stars on Twitter, particularly Jenelle Evans.

As a result of his past tweets, Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood had a brief Twitter feud. Jenelle was upset that Amber would date someone who bashed her co-stars and revealed that she didn't think the relationship would last.

Although the news of the split just broke on Friday, Amber has stayed quiet about it. Rather than directing attention towards her personal life, she has been thanking fans for their support and pointing out that she has turned her life around.

Amber Portwood will be back for an all-new season of Teen Mom later this year. It is unclear if her now ex-boyfriend will appear on the show.

[Image: via Twitter]