Tom Schwartz Admits To Making Out With Another Woman, Jax Taylor Hints That There’s More To The Story

Tom Schwartz recently admitted to cheating on girlfriend Katie Maloney on an episode of Vanderpump Rules, but according to his co-star, Jax Taylor, he didn’t tell the whole story.

“Did you tell Katie everything? What did you tell her?” Taylor asked in a Bravo sneak peek at Monday night’s new episode.

“I told her we hooked up,” Schwartz responded.

During the episode in question, Schwartz told Maloney, “I went to an after party and I did, like, make out with that girl.”

However, Taylor is convinced Tom Schwartz hasn’t been completely honest about the situation.

“We didn’t have sex, if that’s what you are saying,” Schwartz insisted.

At that point, Schwartz, who was clearly growing frustrated, brought up Miami and called out Taylor for allegedly throwing Tom Sandoval under the bus.

“Dude, just stop, just f**king stop. Man, do you want to get started? Do you want to get started? You want to talk about Miami? You got a lot of f**king balls trying to throw Tom under the bus. You’ve already put the guy through hell.”

“I didn’t throw Tom under the bus! What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t say anything,” Taylor fires back.

Although Taylor didn’t specific what he believed happened in Miami, Tom Schwartz claimed he led their co-stars to believe Sandoval had cheated on girlfriend Ariana Madix.

“You are perpetuating thought, you’re pushing it and trying to keep [the rumor] alive.”

Still, Taylor alleged Schwartz and Sandoval were just as bad as he was.

“I can’t keep my d**k in my pants? Obviously, neither can you two. You’ve all done something. Just own it and move on. No one died. You f**king f**ked up on your girlfriend. Who gives a f**k? Move on.”

“I’m livid. I keep all of Jax’s dirty secrets. I’m a vault, and he still come after me,” Schwartz tells the cameras in a confessional.

As for Taylor, he opened up in the confessional as well, saying, “Everyone’s telling me honesty is the best policy, so do I be honest or do I be loyal? I always have a hard time with these two things. I’m not blaming Tom, but he put me in a position.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Schwartz also had an issue with Stassi Schroeder during filming on season three, and vented about her issues in his Bravo blog.

“She is seriously corny and is starting to seem like a parody of herself, minus the redeeming stuff. Dressing like she is 40 to try and project a more mature image, like a little girl who walks out of her mom’s closet.”

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