‘Glee’ Spoilers: Sue Engineers A Tricky Situation For Klaine In ‘The Hurt Locker, Part 2’

A new episode of Glee airs Friday night on Fox and fans are anxious to see resolutions to all of the things that had been laid out in last week’s episode. This is “The Hurt Locker, Part Two,” and viewers are anxious for some Glee spoilers. Sue has been meddling just as she often does, but will she get the outcomes she wants this time around?

TV Guide teases Glee spoilers that in this Season 6, Episode 5 show, Sue works on repairing a relationship that she thinks needs it, though she may be mistaken. Kitty and Rachel will collaborate on putting together the best possible set list for the upcoming invitational. In addition, Sam will manage to recruit a football player to join the glee club.

For those hoping for something big to happen between Kurt and Blaine, it seems that this may be the episode to watch. TVLine teases Glee spoilers that “The Hurt Locker, Part Two” essentially revolves around what the future holds for “Klaine.” Sue is involved, putting them in a very uncomfortable position. It seems she does what she does with the hope that they will grow closer to one another again.

Just what is Sue up to with this one? Entertainment Tonight shares the Glee spoiler sneak peek indicating that Sue will manage to get Kurt and Blaine trapped in an elevator together, hoping that the close quarters spark a renewed love for one another. Will it work though?

Of course, much of this episode is also about the invitational battle between Vocal Adrenaline, The Warblers, and New Directions. Sylvester claims that since it’s her school, it’s her rules, but the coaches may not fall under her command quite so easily. There is plenty of tension among all of the parties involved, as everybody wants to win.

There’s also plenty ahead regarding the pairing of Rachel and Sam. The hypnosis story continues and Rachel seems to be coming around to the idea of a relationship with Sam. Though it’s not known quite yet which two stars will be involved, Glee spoilers also tease a very hot kiss between one pairing in Friday night’s episode.

As fans know, this is the final season of the show, and everybody is anxious to know how it will all end. Are Kurt and Blaine destined to be together? Will Rachel find new love again? Does Sue Sylvester ultimately win after all these years of antagonism?

Though some of the stars, such as Melissa Benoist, are looking ahead and booking their next projects, there are great performances slated yet for this season and fans won’t want to miss a minute. Glee airs new episodes Friday nights on Fox.

[Image via Jennifer Clasen/FOX]