‘Horse Shaped’ UFO Captured Hovering Over Mexico’s Volcano Colima

As 2015 gallops along, reports of UFO sightings continue to flood in from around the world. Among the latest is from a literal UFO hot spot — Mexico’s very active Volcano Colima. Many sightings of UFOs hovering around and flying past the volcano in Mexico have been reported, and the latest bizarre sighting occurred shortly after the volcano erupted.

Colima volcano eruption
Volcano Colima, in Mexico, erupting, shortly before a “horse-shaped” UFO was sighted over her south slope.

Whether or not the UFOs, and whatever is behind their presence, are attracted to, studying, or gaining some other benefit from the Colima, Mexico, volcano is up for debate, but the volcano is among the most active in all of Mexico, reports the Daily Mail.

The Colima volcano is located about 300 miles west of Mexico City.

This latest UFO is reported to have resembled a flying horse, the hovering object clearly defined in the blue sky, seeming to have leg-like protrusions stretching down from a bulky center which is topped by an additional horse-head-looking component.

flying horse UFO
A UFO captured by a webcam near Mexico’s Colima volcano, resembles a flying a horse.

The Colima UFO, captured on a webcam following an eruption this week, inexplicably appears for a moment before vanishing like a galloping ghost.

One first-hand eyewitness of the horse-shaped UFO, Loyola Quintanilla Rosas, 24, confirmed that the mysterious object did look like a horse or possibly some other creature, but it certainly wasn’t a bird.

“When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a horse. It had a very large body and seemed to be an animal. It had a thin top, a bulging middle and two extremities at the bottom. But the legs weren’t moving so it clearly wasn’t a modern-day Pegasus… And it sure as hell wasn’t a bird.”

Many UFO experts and hunters are examining the images captured of the Colima UFO, and some are saying they think it actually could be some type of alien craft, noting the many UFO sightings at previous volcanic eruptions in Mexico.

Eufrasio Gonzales Carrasco, 35, described as an “alien enthusiast,” has been following the Mexico horse-shaped UFO sighting and believes it adds another piece to the puzzle between UFO sightings and volcanoes.

“There has been a fair bit of activity around these volcanoes and this latest sighting just adds to the mystery. There must be something about volcanoes that draws extra-terrestrials to them. Perhaps they are collecting samples from our planet to take back home.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Civil Protection of the Ministry of Interior of Mexico wasn’t ready to concede the UFO had alien origins, saying, “It is most likely a drone of some sort. We are looking into it.”

[Images via YouTube]