Jim Marchese Plans To Return For ‘RHONJ’ Season 7 ‘Next Year’

Jim Marchese is planning to return to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 7. On Twitter, after a fan asked Marchese if he felt he was accurately portrayed on the show, Marchese revealed the news.

“I think they made it entertaining,” he told the fan, according to a January 29 report by AllAboutTRH.

“They only have so much time. I promise will be different next year.”

Since Teresa Giudice entered into a 15-month prison term, fans have been dying to know what would happen to the series. Would it go on without her? Would it be postponed until her release?

Jim Marchese, for one, believes the show should go on without Giudice, and instead focus on his wife, Amber, and the other ladies of the series.

Earlier this month, as reported by the Inquisitr, Jim Marchese went on record, claiming The Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t need Giudice to be a success.

In an interview with FOX 411, Marchese spoke of Season 7.

“From what I understand, it takes a three or four month break after filming. The time frames I would start to expect shooting wouldn’t be for a month or two, and from the storylines — people’s lives — there’s so much that can still go on.”

“It’s not about just one character. It’s all the characters. There was one episode that drew a lot of attention and she [Teresa] wasn’t even there. The show does well because of the dynamics of the group and the interaction of the group. I believe the show can go on without Teresa.”

Last year, while speaking to AllAboutTRH, Amber Marchese revealed she would like to return to the show, as well.

“If they ask me and if the price is right you know, yeah for sure. I think they have an excellent cast as is and you know we can carry on. I mean I don’t think she (Teresa Giudice) is going to do the full 15-months. She’ll be back season 8 very easily so I think it would really silly if they were to do that. They’d lose a lot of fans. They should really focus on getting to know the new girls and everyone has an amazing story and I think they need to focus on the dynamics of the girls – less fighting. You saw the lost footage…you saw we were getting along and they cut out all of that and they went right to the drama and there was so many things that happened before that. New Jersey’s about fun, were about strong personalities, were about family and the Italian way and were just so different and it’s unique and everyone brings something to the table.”

Amber and Jim Marchese made their Real Housewives of New Jersey debut during the series’ sixth season in 2014.

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