Is Mitt Romney Running For President In 2016? Former Candidate Will Announce His Decision Today

Is Mitt Romney running for President in 2016? Political pundits have been speculating his announcement for weeks, and now it looks like we’re closer to getting an answer from Romney.

According to Politico, Mitt Romney has reached out to major supporters of the 2012 nominee via email, and will receive an update soon. So what will this update say? Our guess is that Romney will at least give a small hint if he intends on running for 2016’s election in the form of a statement. If he decides to run, Romney could give a teasing statement, and if he’s serious about not running, which he’s said time and time again, he may just give an official statement to end the speculation.

Considering that he’s said he’s not running in the past, the fact that he’s rounding supporters makes this final resolution very obvious. It looks like the former governor is looking for a second chance in 2016. Speculation started drumming up again a few weeks ago, when Romney told donors that he was serious about running and that those donors should spread the news. Since that revelation, Romney has been slowly coming out of hiding and giving speeches that sound and look more like a hopeful presidential candidate during the early stages of a campaign.

During his speech at the Republican National Committee, he hinted at his intentions to the crowd in San Diego.

“I’m giving some serious considerations to the future.” As for his wife, Ann Romney? Mitt said, “She knows where my heart is.”

He continued, “We can win in 2016 as a party, in the House, the Senate and the White House, if we communicate a clear vision of where we’re taking this country and what we believe in.”

Romney’s willingness to clear the air is significant. This is only a day before he’s expected to visit Washington for his induction into the Alfalfa Club at an annual dinner. It’s likely he will speak at this dinner, and if he does with an announcement that he’s running again, this will only rally guests behind him at a very opportune time.

It’s said the data that comes in from polling might be a strong indication of what Romney decides for his future.

Mark Halperin said of the potential announcement, “Romney also has been briefed on what one Republican source describes as a massive, rolling private polling project recently conducted by a wealthy GOP contributor who shelled out his own money to determine which Republican has the best chance of winning the nomination.”

Do you think Mitt Romney will run for 2016?

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