Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Will Compete With Apple iPad Pro

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 has been a huge hit for the comeback company and has revitalized the tablet-laptop hybrid. Tech Radar summarizes why the Surface Pro 3 was, perhaps, 2014's most innovative device.

"The Surface Pro 3 is closer than Microsoft has ever been to making good on its mobile computing vision. After over a week with the slate, I'd go so far as to say that the Pro 3 is closer than any laptop-tablet hybrid released yet... Wrapped in a bright, silver-colored magnesium shell that's cool and smooth to the touch, the Surface Pro 3 feels premium in every regard."
Rumors have started to hit the Internet about Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 4, which could see a June release. According to Design & Trend, the Surface Pro 4 could launch with two different sizes, have a quad-HD display, and have Intel Core M processors with amazing battery life. The new Surface Pro 4 will probably arrive with Windows 8.1, since the full commercial Windows 10 isn't scheduled to be released until later this year.

Breathecast notes that the Surface Pro 4 could be a game fanatic's dream come true.

"In addition, it is expected that the new Surface Pro 4 will attract enthusiastic gamers because of its sophisticated internal specs. Some reports claim that Microsoft is likely to incorporate the Xbox streaming feature of Windows 10 into the device, suggesting that the gaming potential of the Surface Pro 4 will be maximized."
Microsoft might create the ultimate tablet-laptop hybrid, but they will still face stiff competition from Apple, who will likely release the iPad Pro around the same time. Today, BGR reported on an alleged case made for the iPad Pro, which is shaping up to be different from the current iPad units.
"It's clear from the cutouts in this alleged iPad case that it's not made for the existing iPad Air 2 model. The tablet accessory has four cutouts placed symmetrically in the four corners of the device, which could reveal speaker placements for the device. Previous reports did suggest the bigger iPad will provide a better sound experience by having two speakers on both the top and bottom sides."
According to Gizmodo, the iPad Pro will have a very special addition that is already included on the Surface Pro.
"Apple already has patents for its own stylus, and a bigger iPad wouldn't interest the average user anyway, who would most likely stick with an iPad Air or Mini. Instead, the big iPad will be marketed toward creatives and artists who need the pen to do their tablet-based artwork."
The deciding factor between the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro might come down to price. Microsoft may need to lower its price for the over $1000 (for most configurations) Surface Pro 4. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the marketplace receives Microsoft and Apple's new products.

[Photo Credit: Digital Trends]